Bazic Scissors Tijeras Ciseaux 8″ Red Color, 빨간색 손잡이 8인치 다용도 가위



Bazic 8 인치 편안한 손잡이 스테인레스 가위

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Bazic 8 Inch Scissors Perfect for Home & School or Office
BAZIC scissors come in different shapes and colors. Brilliant designs and color options give you the versatility you need for cutting. Our essential selections are quality assured and dependable, providing tremendous value. For all of your cutting needs in arts, crafts and more, our scissors more than do its job

Superior-quality scissors with comfortable molded plastic handles
Lightweight stainless steel scissors
Cutting edge stays sharper longer
Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion
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Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Bazic

About this item
🔸Comfort Grip Handles
🔸For Right Or Left Hand Use
🔸Craft & School Scissors
🔸Great for School and Crafts
🔸8 Inch (20 cm)
🔸Blunt Tip